Barbell Benching Vs Dumbbell Benching

Barbell Benching Vs Dumbbell Benching – Chest Development

Barbell bench pressing is probably one of the most popular weightlifting exercises on the planet. If you’re struggling to visualise this, I’d implore you to go into any gym on a Monday (also known as international chest day) during peak hours and attempt to secure a bench. But why does it have so much popularity? For starters, it’s probably the most televised. Training montages during times of relentless preparation in tv shows and movies dating all the way back to the 80s always seem to include someone benching at some point. Maybe it looks cooler? Regardless of the reasons, it is possible to build a reasonable amount of strength and mass in your chest with barbell benching, but doing this consistently on a flat plane? your chest isn’t going to be something to write home about.

You may have noticed if you’ve been benching for some time that your outer and upper chest feels more developed than your inner (“cleavage”) and lower chest. This is because barbell bench pressing only targets a select area of the chest. You can rectify this through techniques such as cable flies, utilizing resistance bands or weighted dips.

Alternatively, you could make the switch to dumbbell chest training. Dumbbell chest pressing brings with it a wide range of benefits. You can enjoy a deeper range of motion as there is no bar hindering your movements. You work more stabilizer muscles just keeping the dumbbell in place (which is why if you can barbell bench 100kg you won’t necessarily be able to dumbbell bench press 50kg in each hand)

Finding a personal trainer will help accelerate your ability to crush your strength training goals. PTs do the thinking for you allowing you to focus on doing the work. I used Glasgow PTs in Glasgow to really drive my training forward. My trainer formed a plan that I stuck to and put 110% into. When pushing yourself to the very max, having that person their to support you and guide you forward is a huge help.

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